i think this article assumes that these retailers must be advertising to shoppers about these items, otherwise how are they hoping to "lure" them in with the lower price. and its also assuming that the prices are actually lower.

maybe theyre lower priced where the OP shops, who knows. but where i live, places like best… » 7/20/14 12:52am Sunday 12:52am

thats how my laptop came by default. there are two drive bays, the main bay has 2 125GB M.2 SSDs in raid 0 [256GB] for the system drive and the second bay runs a 1TB HDD

my system boots up in anywhere from 8-10 seconds and unless im running games or video for a really long time it stays incredibly cold » 7/09/14 9:16pm 7/09/14 9:16pm

when im running or riding my bike i want as few as keys as possible, so i keep my flat key and my ulock key one one split ring and my car key on another one. then both are just kept on a carabiner.

when i head out for a run or ride i take the flat key/ulock key off the carabiner. » 7/09/14 5:47am 7/09/14 5:47am